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We invite virtually anyone to market its products through its Introduction, Travel Trade or Benefits programs.

Introduction program

If you are not a travel agent or tour operator, this one is for you! You are invited to refer business to us, physically or through your website or social media platform, with our introduction program. Substantial referral fees are paid by us for client referrals, while we do all the work to communicate with the client and to facilitate the booking. To earn your referral fee all you need to do is refer a client who makes a booking with us.

Travel Trade program

We welcome travel agents and tour operators to sell our products as part of their offering in return for lucrative commissions. Net rates are also offered to members of the travel trade if they so desire. Travel agents and tour operators will benefit from our unique online booking engine, where you will be able to create complex itineraries for clients within minutes online and thus have the ability to service your client’s needs effectively and quickly, while still being able to offer them the best prices possible. We make bookings effortless!

Benefits program for corporations

We also have a Benefits program whereby corporations can provide travel services to their client base at beneficial rates as an additional benefit, helping the corporation with client retention and marketing to potential new clients.

Please click here to contact us in order to sign up or discuss any of the programs listed above.

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